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How to Build a Self-Care Toolkit to Conquer Emotional Eating

August 2, 2017

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How to get back on the “Health Train” after Festive Eating

January 25, 2018

My work as a coach has revealed one important trend – most busy women, typically fall off the “health train” over the festive season and tell me how frustrated they are with themselves and feel like they “failed” yet again.


Have you fallen off the “health train”?


Maybe things got hectic and, as stress built up, the more tangled up you got with emotional eating. Then you ate too much candy, cakes and cookies over the festive, break that you’d promised yourself you’d give up.


So what actually happened?


Believe me, you're not alone. Many busy women, throw all rationality out the window over the festive season and just go with the flow and think to themselves, “I am on holidays and I deserve this”.

So where to from here?


When you fall off the “health train” on your journey, you have two choices:


  • You can choose to forgive your self and summon up the courage to get back on again. This will bring you success in the long term.




  • Your other choice is wallowing in self-pity and regret. Regret keeps you in the “victim” mentality and takes away your power!


Which path will you choose?


Today is a NEW beginning so dust off your festive shoes…

So start where you are today and turn your setback in to a comeback.


  • Start now and recommit to your self

  • Remind your self HOW far you have come


“Its not about how far you fall, its how you get back up that matters”

I would like to share 5 easy ways to help you get back on the “health train so that you can feel calm and confident in 2018.


#1 Begin with forgiving yourself and letting go of guilt

Acknowledge and accept your current reality and get ready to move on.


  • Use your “set back” as an opportunity to reflect on how you will move forward

  • Use the way you feel to fuel your progress and start taking specific actions to get back in control and get your power back

  • Write a commitment letter to your self:


“Dear body: “I’m sorry I’ve treated you this way, feeding you unhealthy foods and not taking good care of you. I promise to do better and get you back to the best condition you can be, together we can do it!”

#2 Create an easy to follow plan.

The key to your success is creating a plan that is easy to follow, and one that brings you joy ,while it addresses your hidden hungers.


  • Your plan should have the right goals, incentives and make you feel motivated.


Is the plan you currently follow leaving you exhausted and requires ill power and discipline?


If it is, simplify it and make it achievable.


Remind yourself WHY you are doing this.


  • You may want to lose weight

  • You may want to have more energy

  • You may want to feel slim and sexy

  • Or you may want to be more productive


Plan ahead

One key to achieving goals is creating habits and routines that make success inevitable. If you are taking the right steps, the results will follow.


Planning ahead allows you to be deliberate with your food choices.


Plan your meals

  • Create a shopping list

  • Decide what you will be eating on a daily basis, including snacks

  • Decide on food prep days


#3 Focus on healthy eating

Use food to fuel your body and not as comfort.


“Let Food Be Your Medicine and Medicine Be Your Food”


  • What you eat daily has an influence on your wellbeing.


To improve your daily energy and wellbeing reduce consumption of the following:

  • Processed foods

  • Sugar

  • High glycemic foods

  • Avoid trans-fats

#4 Get your body moving

The key to habit success is starting with small goals and actions.


  • Building your “routine” muscle memory

  • And then adding more tasks once you  become consistent


It takes time to build an exercise habit, so be patient with your self.


  • Do less but do it consistently

  • What is the min amount of time you are prepared to commit to and how often will you do it?

  • Get your exercise clothes ready

#5 Celebrate small successes

Celebrate your success and achievements on a regular basis, maybe even daily!


  • By focusing on what you have accomplished, no matter how small the win, will help you create a positive mindset and lead to self-belief.


When you notice and celebrate your successes you will develop an “I Can Do This” mindset and start to see yourself as someone who is successful rather than someone who’s trying to become successful.


So go on and celebrate today!


And most of all remember: consistency is the key to your long-term success!


Create systems that allow you to be more consistent with whatever behaviour you’re trying to implement. 


  • Create one habit/behaviour at a time and be consistent with it. It will become second nature after a while.

  • Set a goal for practicing that particular behaviour.  

  • You can use a calendar to track your behaviour over 1 month

  • Reward your self for being consistent


Pick the things you enjoy and you are more likely to be consistent with these with. 


One key to achieving goals is creating habits and routines that make success inevitable. If you are taking the right steps, the results will follow


Now over to you…


How can you start 2018 being consistent with your eating so that you can feel calmer and more confident?


And what do you need to make it happen?


From my experience, as an Emotional Eating coach, I find that most busy women lack the support, planning, and accountability that they need to move forward after falling off the “health train”.


They are generally accountable only to themselves, and that often isn’t enough. With such isolation and anatomy, it’s easy for motivation, diligence, and follow through to slip.


Building accountability helps to ensure that you will remain on track and achieve your goals.


Are you feeling stuck and needing support to help you get back on track?


If you would like help with accountability & support, so you can start off 2018 feeling stronger and be in control of your eating, then contact me for 15 min discussion

It’s free. And it might change your life.


Irena Geller

Your Emotional Eating Coach

I am a creative scientist and an Emotional Eating Coach who helps 35+ busy women to stop fighting with emotional eating, stress eating and overwhelm and start living the lives they’ve been craving.




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