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How to Build a Self-Care Toolkit to Conquer Emotional Eating

August 2, 2017

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5 Simple Ways to Spring Clean Your Habits Even When You Are Busy.

October 10, 2017









Spring has arrived, the days are longer and the smell of freshly cut grass is in the air, awakening all your senses.


Springtime symbolises rejuvenation and renewal; It’s a good time to assess what you want and need to help you feel fresh, focused and energetic daily. Spring is also a good opportunity to “clean” your habits and initiate fresh thinking so you can make better choices with your eating.


“The best way to getting what you want is having the courage to get rid of what you don’t! “Kapten & son



So what happened over winter?


You may have indulged in creamy, hearty food and “feel-good “desserts to comfort your self from the cold. All that comfort food may have taken its toll on your waistline and affected your eating habits. Once you fall off track a little, sugar cravings and emotional eating sets in.


If you are a busy woman, and you’re feeling a bit tired and uninspired after winter than its time to come out of your hibernation cave and smell the flowers. Now is a good opportunity to spring clean those winter habits so you can feel strong, positive and motivated!


Has winter left you overwhelmed, stressed and overeating? Here are 5 Ways to Spring Clean Your HABITS.


Spring is the perfect time to de-clutter your body and mind



Spring cleaning your habits and taking consistent daily action can improve your energy, productivity, and focus, and you will feel less inclined to comfort eat to deal with your emotions.


#1 Clean Out Your Space

You may have accumulated some unhealthy foods, in your fridge and pantry over winter and it may be derailing your healthy eating efforts. De-cluttering your pantry and fridge will make you feel good, especially when it means healthier eating for you.

  • If its not in the house you will not be tempted to eat it

  • Spring clean your pantry and fridge

  • Fill it up with freshness –so many beautiful coloured fruits and veggies are available now!



#2  Clean up Your Sleep Routine

Did you know that most busy women are sleep deprived?

If you are not getting 7-8 hours of shut -eye every night you may be reaching out for food as a coping mechanism when you are tired.

  • Give your self -permission to go to bed earlier (you are so worth it)

  • Set up a sleep hygiene routine- Try and go to bed and wake up at the same time daily

  • Turn off all your electrical devices an hour before bedtime

  • Have a relaxing bath or try reading instead

  • Try dumping all your thoughts on paper, you can attend to them the next morning

After a good nights sleep …

  • You will have more energy and better focus

  • You will also be less hungry and less likely to crave sugary foods and carbs.


#3 Spring Into Action
  • Set up a daily movement and vitality routine

  • Find an activity you like and look forward to doing (you are much more likely to do it)

  • Stretch daily it great for breathing and stress relief

  • Get up and stretch and walk every hour- you will feel great and focus better after a break



#4 Spring Clean for Healthier Eating 

Overwhelm is a key cause of poor food choices in busy women. If you use up all your decision-making energy early in the day, then when it comes time to eat it’s too hard to decide and you just shoot for convenience.


 Spring-cleaning your eating habits will help you make better food choices.


  • Stay away from fad diets, they can make you feel deprived and encourage Emotional Eating

  • Stock up on fresh fruit and vegetables (these can boost your mental health)

  • Stay hydrated (sometimes hunger signals are mistaken for thirst)

  • Try and include fresh veggies and fruit in every meal and snack

  • Prepare your meals and snacks in advance



#5-Get organised and plan

Convenience eating is common when you are busy and often leads to poor food choices.

Invest the time to get organised and follow a few simple, healthy practices weekly.

You will feel good about your self and be empowered to make healthy choices

  • Create your shopping list for the week

  • Plan your Meals

  • Find some new and exciting Spring Recipes

  • Prepare healthy snacks so you don’t get caught out having to make decisions when you feel tired


What are your next steps?



Go inside….

Taking a few minutes each day to connect with your self and reflect on what’s going on inside of you will help you be more aware of your needs and how to take care of yourself. You will feel more grounded, calm and in control of you’re eating.


  • What are you doing for your busy self to revitalize and nourish your body and mind?

  • How are you feeding your self, and renewing yourself for springtime?

  • Do you want to wake each day feeling fantastic, with high energy and well cared for?

  • Do you wish you had positive energy and focus to accomplish all you want daily?


I often hear clients say "I know what to do - but I just can’t seem to do it on my own."


What you need is support to help you build the confidence and motivation to clean up those unhealthy habits you may have picked up during the cold, dark, winter months ,and transition into spring as a healthier, happier you.


If you’re feeling stuck right now, and ready to get help lets chat to talk about your next steps.

Contact me for a chat a 15-minute discussion

Its free. And it might change your life.


Irena Geller

Emotional Eating Coach

I am a creative scientist and a Health and Wellness Coach who helps 35+ busy women to stop fighting with emotional eating, stress eating and overwhelm and start living the lives they’ve been craving.



1. Tiredness leads to poor food choices

2. Your environment influences your food choices




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