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How to Build a Self-Care Toolkit to Conquer Emotional Eating

August 2, 2017

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How to Get a Younger Body (even if you have 30 years of unhealthy habits)

September 14, 2017


I believe that while you can’t change your chronological age- you can improve your biological one!


What prompted me to write this post are the numerous conversations I have had lately

with my clients and other ladies sighting the following frustrations:


  • They are frustrated with their body not functioning the way it used to.

  • They are feeling certain aches and pains they wish would disappear!

  • And the consistent question they are ALL asking


“How do I increase my energy so I am not absolutely exhausted by the end of the day?”


They know that their current state of health isn’t working for them and that something needs to change, but what they don’t know is the current state of their bodies…and how to start making this change on their own.


And what they are really wanting is their youthful energy and zest back!


So lets dive in and explore this HOT topic…


We all age at different speeds – and scientists have worked out how to calculate it by using biomarkers.


Biomarkers for ageing are biomarkers that could predict functional capacity at some later age better than will chronological age.[1] Stated another way, biomarkers of ageing would give the true "biological age", which may be different from the chronological age.


Did you know that Your Chronological Age is Different from Your Biological Age?


Ageing rates between individuals that share the same birth year can vary significantly. As such, the number of years you have been alive – your chronological age – is not necessarily a good predictor of how well you are ageing. Instead, some measurement of biological age that identifies an age-related change in body function or composition could more accurately predict your chances of developing age-related disease. Such biomarkers of ageing could be used to identify people at risk of disease, prompting preventative measures in lifestyle or early treatment.



What is ageing?


Aging Is NOT a Disease!


Ageing is combination all of the cumulative experiences that you have throughout your life and they have a synergistic effect on your overall health and energy.


  • Lifestyle

  • Stress

  • Medical history

  • Fitness

  • Nutrition


Ultimately, it is a combination of all these factors that either ages you prematurely or keeps you healthy and prevents illnesses now and in the future.



How old are you really?


Understanding your self and knowing where you stand is your launch pad for creating positive change. This change starts with an understanding about how old you are biologically (in comparison to your actual age).


Why do you want to know?


  • To get snapshot of your body’s age, metabolism and state of health

  • To learn how old your body REALLY is

  • To find out your top 3 health risks

  • To understand the areas you want to improve

  • To determine what works for your body type

  • Knowing exactly which changes are priority for YOU


But is it too late to change your habits?


It’s never too late to kick your unhealthy habits and make simple lifestyle changes to feel younger even if you have many years of unhealthy habits. Developing sustainable healthy habits is the key to living well, living longer and getting more from your life.


Here Are 7 Tips to Help You Get More Energy & Keep Your Body Young


#1 Reduce inflammation


Ageing itself is not a disease (Hayflick, 2000). Instead, ageing results from the accumulation over time of detrimental changes at the molecular and cellular levels and is tightly integrated with inflammation


  • Reduce your alcohol intake

  • Cut back on coffee

  • Eat an anti inflammatory diet( see #2)


#2 Healthy Nutrition


Cutting out processed food, red meat, white flour products and sugar will go along way in reducing inflammation. Below are the best foods to help keep your unique body young and healthy:


  • Fruit & veggies from every part of the colour spectrum

  • Sources of monounsaturated fats like nuts, olive oil and avocado

  • Sources of omega-3 fatty acids like cold-water fish (Alaskan salmon, sardines and anchovies), walnuts and flaxseed

  • Magnesium rich foods like avocado, cashews and whole grains (provided you can handle them)

  • Spice up your diet with ginger and turmeric


#3 Reduce the stress in your life


Stress unleashes a powerful rush of chemicals into the body, which eats into your natural source of DHEA (the hormone scientists believe could keep us young).


While you can’t control all the unpredictable elements of life, you can manage stress by trying the following:


  • Work on how you respond to stress

  • Reduce caffeine & alcohol

  • Find a hobby you love that allows you to totally switch off

  • Take tie out for self care activities like a hot bath, read a good book

  • And make time for it no matter what

  • See #5 for more tips



#4 Get Lots of Sleep


Sleep plays a vital role in maintaining good health, healthy brain function and emotional wellbeing. Getting enough quality sleep at the right times can help you have more energy and better focus!


Build a nighttime ritual to help you sleep better:


  • Going to bed at the same time nightly

  • Having a bath with Epsom salt relaxes your muscles

  • Using a few drops of lavender essential oil on your pillow

  • Slowing down your breathing helps to relax


#5.Stay Active-Exercise


As you age, your body start to get stiff if we don’t keep them moving. Find an activity that you enjoy and you will be more likely to stick to it and you will look and feel younger!


The benefits of exercise:


  • More Energy

  • Boosted metabolism

  • Improved bone density

  • More Muscle mass

  • Stress reduction

  • Better mood

  • Better focus and productivity



#5 Yoga & Meditation


Numerous studies into transcendental meditation have found that those practicing it for around 1 year, on average, are biologically 5 years younger than their actual age.


Some benefits of a committed practise:


  • Connecting with yourself

  • Awareness of what you may be holding on to

  • A means to let go of what may be binding you emotionally and physically

  • Making better choices

  • Letting go of perfectionism and focusing on your strengths



#6 Keep hydrated


Water Protects Your Tissues, Spinal Cord, and Joints and keeps them all working well! Water circulates nutrients around the body and gets rid of toxins, so your health literally relies on it.


Because you lose water through breathing, sweating and digestion its very important to keep replenishing to maintain good energy, good cell and organ function. The amount of water you require depends on the following:


  • The climate you live in

  • How physically active you are

  • How much coffee you drink

  • How much medication you take


Drinking more will keep your face looking fresh and radiant.


#7- CHOOSE” to take action



Do you ever catch yourself saying:


  • I wish I’d...

  • Well if I was 10 years younger...

  • When you get to my age...


It’s easy to see your past as a time of limited choices, but really the opportunity is always there. Action creates energy while hoping drains your energy!


It’s never too late to make smart choices and start developing sustainable healthy habits. This is the key to living well, living longer and getting more from your life. Understanding your self and knowing where you stand is your launch pad for creating positive change.


Are you ready to quit the guesswork and discover your personal path for a cleaner, healthier and more youthful body?


If what I’m saying resonates with you and you’d like to talk to me about getting some help, please click below to book a time to chat. I support women like you to create a passport to freedom by rewiring your body and mind …so you can take back your personal power and make peace with food.


Contact me to book a 15-minute discussion


We’ll see if I am able to help you and whether we are a fit to work together.




1. Biomarkers of ageing


2. Transcendental meditation


3. Yoga-Meditation


4. Reduce Inflammation


5. Biological vs Chronological age


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