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How to Build a Self-Care Toolkit to Conquer Emotional Eating

August 2, 2017

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The 2 Essential M’s You Need to Change Habits: Motivation & Momentum

August 18, 2017


My clients often ask me “How do I get Motivated?"


Since this is such a HOT topic I decided to write a blog about Motivation & Building Momentum and why they are essential to changing habits!


So what is Motivation?


Motivation can be defined as one’s direction to behaviour, or what causes anndividual to want to repeat certain behaviou

Motivation is a process that moves you to make a change or move you towards what you desire. It is your drive to repeat certain behaviour and your wiliness to actually do it. The feeling is usually a call to action, the light bulb moment where you identify that you are not happy with your current situation and you decide that you want to make some changes.


The author Steven Pressfield has a great line in his book, The War of Art: “At some point, the pain of not doing it becomes greater than the pain of doing it.”


How does Motivation work?


Motivation can be powerful tool, though sometimes it can get tricky and drag you down.

Some days you may find it easy to get motivated, creating a vortex of excitement but other days no mater how much you try -you just cant make it happen, leaving you feeling like you are stuck in a swamp with no way out!


  • Your motivation levels are related to YOUR perceived difficulty of task

  • And Your perceived rewards that come from completing that task

  • If the rewards are low, then your motivation to complete it will likely be lower

  • If your motivation is low and the perceived difficulty of a task suddenly increases, your motivation levels may drop even further

  • This can lead you to a downward spiral level, unless you are doing something to override it


How to create Lasting Motivation


Lasting motivation comes from with in (intrinsic) and is self-driven. Wanting to change because of your own needs and satisfaction like better health and wanting to feel your best.


Your Internal and external factors stimulate the desire and energy be continually interested and committed to make an effort to attain your goal.


The connection between motivation and momentum


You know that good habits take some time to develop and you want momentum that can keep you going.


Doing a new task once or several times may not get you motivated enough to continue.

Imagine if you keep repeating this behaviour, you will build up the motivational force that can help you sustain it and create momentum to turn it into new behaviours.


For Example:


  • Imagine your working area is messy and you put away a few items

  • You may discover that you are eager to clean up the whole area even though you planned to only put away a few items.

  • This is called momentum, the motivational energy you gain after you stick to a new habit for sometime.


The time required to build Momentum


So this is how it works, whatever the task you keep doing and repeating -you will gain a motivational force that will help you sustain it.


  • Of course this force doesn't appear unless you commit to the task for sometime.

  • The time required to gain momentum differs for every one and depends on the task

  • It might take you few weeks before you can develop momentum for healthy eating but some one else may take months.


Momentum, Motivation and Habits


Developing good habits is the best place to start. These will start a chain effect in your life that will produce a number of positive outcomes and build momentum.


  • The more you keep doing that same task the more powerful your momentum will be.

  • That's why it becomes hard to break a good habit after you keep doing it for sometime. 


Say you have been brushing your teeth each morning since you were 6 years old and you stop -you will get a very powerful unpleasant feeling the day you don't brush your teeth. 


  • If you are a procrastinator and you wait for the right mood and for feelings of motivation to come, you may benefit from gaining momentum by taking small steps of action even if you don’t feel like it

  • You will benefit by committing to building good habits even if you don’t feel motivated until your momentum builds up.



7 Simple Ways to Get Motivated and Create Momentum in Your Day


#1. Connect to your values and change your game


Motivation happens when you mix desire (your vision/goals) with some motivation, and add a touch of momentum.


  • Connect to your values and change your game

  • Connect the effort you are putting in you to your values


One of my values is learning.


I find ways to learn in any situation.


  • For example, I LOVE reading so I create the time in my day to read.

  • I listen carefully and learn from my clients

  • I do educational courses because I love learning and the feeling is excitement that builds momentum


Do you know what your values are?


#2. Find your WHY.


Work out your compelling purpose, and then turn this into a sentence that really grabs you.


Try asking your self these questions to dig in deep:


  • Why do you want to achieve your goal?

  • What larger purpose at work or in your life does it meet?

  • How will your life be different?

  • How will you feel when you achieve your goal?


#3. Change your WHY -Shifting your why can start UP your fire


Some times your WHY changes so going back to revisit it can get you excited and motivated!


Try asking your self these questions to dig in deep:


  • Are you’re doing this for the write reason?

  • Did someone else want it?  If so, do you agree with the goal?

  • How will you feel pursuing this goal?  Is that how you wanted to feel?

  • If not, what would give you the experience you want?


#4. Change your HOW 


Look at your challenges and ask your self these powerful questions:


  • What challenges will YOU over come?

  • What might get in the way of your change?

  • How can you overcome those obstacles?

  • What can you learn from past lapses?



#5. Remember that feeling


  • Remember that feeling you had when you were doing the behaviour you want back –say healthy eating..

  • How did you feel when you were eating healthy 5 months ago?

  • When you identify how good it felt and how focused you were will help you feel you find your motivation faster.


#6. Find a meaningful affirmation


Finding an affirmation that connects to your values can be very powerful!  


  • Find an affirmation that resonates with you.

  • For example -You may pretend that you’re a climber and  your affirmation could be “I will climb this Mountain  of CHANGE”


7. “CHOOSE” to take action


Choose your words carefully and let them work for you.


  • If you often tell yourself you “HAVE” to do this or you “NEED” do that or you – this can weaken your motivation.

  • Practise the power of choice and reframe your language to “I CHOOSE” to or” I WANT “

  • This is incredibly empowering and exactly the motivating language you want to hear.

Are you ready to take your next steps to build your motivational force to help YOU eat better, be more organised and feel amazing?


If what I’m saying resonates with you and you’d like to talk to me about getting some help, please click below to book a time to chat. I support women like you to create a passport to freedom by rewiring your body and mind …so you can take back your personal power and make peace with food.


Contact me to book a 15-minute discussion.


We’ll see if I am able to help you and whether we are a fit to work together.




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